The ALIBAVA SYSTEM is the first compact and portable system for the characterization of microstrip semiconductor radiation detectors. It is plug&play with windows and linux analysis software included.

The ALIBAVA SYSTEM is conceived to easily characterize multichannel semiconductor detectors, providing high sensitivity to low signals and high speed. The front-end electronics is based on a low noise ASIC with 128 input channels and a clock speed of 40MHz. The system is typically used to test microstrip sensors with variable interstrip distance by laser, radioactive source or particle beam.

The signal is read on a low noise amplifier and digitized on a 10 bit ADC providing very good analogue information for every channel on high density detectors. The system includes a complete analysis software with a user-friendly interface.

The development was supported by CERN-RD50 and it is being used by more than 20 member institutes of this collaboration.


ALIBAVA SYSTEM is sold under license of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Valencia.

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