Silicon Microdosimeter



Silicon microdosimeters are silicon-based radiation sensors for experimental microdosimetry in hadron therapy or in unknown mixed radiation fields typical of space and aviation.
The microdosimeters are formed by a matrix of independent unit cells (microsensors) with a well-defined micrometric cylindrical shape and a 3D sensitive volume similar to those of cellular structures. They are fabricated with an innovative 3D silicon microfabrication technology for radiation detectors.
These devices overcome the shortcomings of the conventional Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counters.

  • Well-defined micrometric sensitive volumes for accurate microdosimetric measurements with excellent spatial resolution.
  • No contributions of wall effects to the measured spectra.
  • Low operating voltage (<5V).
  • Light and easily portable.
  • Low dead times and fast response.
  • Pixellated design to provide 2D measurements.
  • Can be read out with the portable ALIVATA System.

This product is fabricated by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and sold under license

Very Low Absorption

Beam Intensity & Position Systems



Single and 4 quadrants systems to perform intensity and position measurements.

Vacuum (KF 40), Standard (light shielded housing) and Naked (custom integration) configurations.

Picoammeter especially suited for applications where multi-channel fast acquisition is a concern, i.e. feedback systems.

Part of these products are sold under license of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Valencia (Spain)



Custom Systems Engineering




Detector Development




Compact Tracker Telescope





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